Friday, September 16, 2011

Is Bachelor's Waste of Time Without Master's Degree?

Is it a waste of time to acquire a bachelor's degree without master's degree?

No, it is not. Obtaining education is never worthless. However, it is best if a person gets to apply his academic learning in building a career. After finishing undergraduate courses, students are free to decide whether to study again, or penetrate the work force right away. Read further below on the pros and cons of embarking on a master's degree.

An individual gets to enjoy several benefits with a master's degree. These perks may seem difficult, or take longer for an undergraduate to attain. What are those?

·      Recognition. A master's diploma brings in prestige. It develops a person's esteem, and confidence. Who would not feel good about having a PhD or MA affixed on name? Furthermore, there is still stereotyping in the society wherein the educated ones get more approval and respect.

·      Promotion. Graduate students have more chances of getting promoted on their jobs after earning their degrees. Some companies also give promising employees an opportunity to attend graduate school. After graduating, they are guaranteed of landing a higher position in the organization.

·      Pay. You finally reap what you have sown, after spending for graduate school. Graduate students can demand for a higher pay. This is understandable for a person holding an impressive educational background, and occupying a good designation in the company.

Master's degree is a form of investment. You either win or lose. Winning means achieving more out of the resources you shed. Losing means barely having anything in return to compensate for the capital. Here are the cons of taking master's degree.

·      Debts. Master's education is costly. Even with the presence of cheaper options such as virtual classrooms, it is impossible to not spend. Those eager to attain a master's diploma who applied for loans, or entered a study now and pay later program, will have to later deal with debts that can even reach hundreds of thousands. After graduating, their goal is to zero out on credits, which is not really that motivating.

·      Lack of Training. Experience is still the best teacher. You learn about the technical skills, but you may lack in practical application. You could have received sufficient training doing the actual job of providing research paper help to clients, during the four years you were in school. 

·      Fluctuating Job Market. Time is constantly changing. You study on this field because it is in demand as what is shown on essay topics online, and then four years later another industry booms. The competitive job market, and the mismatch of available positions to the educational background of applicants, are the dilemmas often faced by graduate students.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Integrating Technology in Education

Integating technology in education means keeping up to the demands of the digital age. Technology seems to have already occupied every discipline, even the means of providing term paper help to students, and thus cannot be taken for granted. 

How technology aids education
Facilitates Learning. Students' ability to understand concepts vary per type of learner. Instructors cannot survey each student to determine learning strengths. Students will also have to adjust, and do their part.  But with the advent of multimedia presentations, acquiring knowledge the fastest way is now possible for all types of learners.

Fosters Productivity.  Students learn more when they can  follow through the discussions. Visuals and video presentations reduce the time spent in lectures, and increase opportunities for experiments, application, and interaction. Professors can still provide term paper help to students.

Boosts Performance. You are most likely to perform better on exams, when you grasp information clearly. Focus is vital in absorbing information. Technology can significantly contribute in winning the interest and attention of students.

Social networking sites in classrooms
The debate is on. Do you agree in integrating social networking sites to classroom discussions?

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most widely used websites, today. Most of the active subscribers are teenagers or students.  Now, academic institutions and concerned groups are looking into the possibility of adding social networking sites to the picture.
Technology enhances students' learning experience by doing away from the typical classroom setting. Modern instructional materials were mixed with the conventional teaching strategies. The use of social media encourages more students to participate and offer term paper help to their peers. 

However, social media also has disadvantages when not used properly. Students become potential bait on pornographic sites. Bullying can also occur online.

The catch is,
You have to get used to the modern times, since there is no other direction the world is heading to, except for more technological advancements. Imagine if there is no Internet. It is already late but you need term paper help from expert writers. Technology is here to stay, and you can only choose to adapt or get left behind. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Italian Master Artists: Da Vinci and Buonarroti's Stories

Leonardo Da Vinci was not only an exceptional artist. He manifested genius in the fields of architecture, engineering, anatomy, botany, geology, and  astronomy. Leonardo has drawn sketches of the human anatomy, observed living creatures, and formation of rocks. His engagement  in various disciplines of  Scince with no particular concentration, and works which were often unfinished, resulted to no concrete or fully completed research. Writing an essay about Leonardo would amuse one of the artist's prowess.

Leonardo was born out of wedlock on April 15, 1452 in the town of Vinci, Florence, to Ser Piero,a notary,  and Caterina, a peasant. Little was known Caterina, who married a man same rank as hers, after giving birth to Leonardo. On the other hand, Piero acknowledged and raised his son, Leonardo despite having married four wives. Leonardo was first educated by the artist, Verrochio, in his workshops. Verrochio collaborated with Leonardo in producing artworks including the painting, Baptism of Christ, and the sculpture, the Archangel Michael in Tobias and the Angel, where Leonardo was said to be the model. At the age of twenty, Leonardo was among the members of a painter's guild, but still continued to work with Verrochio.

Leonardo was often commissioned for service, and his most valuable master piece is the painting, The Last Supper. In his last years, he served King Francois I who eventually became his close friend. Generations have passed and Leonardo and his works still remains an in-demand topic writing an essay.

Another celebrated Italian artist of all time is Michelangelo Buonarroti, who excelled as a sculptor, painter, and architect. He is also an amateur poet. Michelangelo was born on March 6, 1475 in the small town of Caprese. Michelangelo lost his mother , Francesca di Neri, at the age of six. His father, Ludovico Buonarroti, came from a poor family. He is not in favor of Michelangelo becoming an artist.

Michelangelo did not let his father's opposition stop him. He worked as an assistant to Domenico Ghirlandajo when he was thirteen and there he learned his first lessons as a painter. Having appreciated Michelangelo's talent, Domenico later recommended фотокнига his student to a school of sculpture run by Lorenzo in the gardens of Medici. Michelangelo received further training until Lorenzo died. He left for Bologna where he was tasked to create figures of saints. He decided to move back to Florence when opportunities did not go well. Here he served for another Lorenzo. Afterward, he went to Rome to continue working.

One of Michelangelo's most important works is the sculpture, Pieta, depicting Mary's mourning over the body of her son, Jesus. Another is his painting on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo originally had some help executing the painting but was not satisfied with his people's work, he chose to complete it alone.

Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti are two Italian artists who have set the standards of Art not only during the Renaissance period, but also of the succeeding eras.  They have shown  dedication toward their craft. They had their own struggles but these did not hinder them from delivering and even exceeding what is expected of them. This is the same virtue one must possess in writing an essay successfully. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Economics of Chicago, City Which Works

Chicago's economy is fluctuating over time; it has its share of ups and down. The good thing is that, it persists. Writing an essay regarding Chicago's economy, you will find out that its location paved the way for its transformation as a trading spot and a rail hub. It is situated on the southern part of Lake Michigan encompassing Chicago River, and bordering Wisconsin and Indiana. Chicago is said to be surrounded with swamps and mud before. Today, the city is home to skycrapers and several industries.
The city found its industrial strength when the railroad construction began in 1860. This intensified the growth of manufacturing industries. The ports and rails facilitated production, delivery and exchange of goods such as food products, equipment, and pharmaceuticals. Distant markets saw this as an opportunity to venture into shipping of lumbers and packed meat.
Chicago also experienced economic downfall. During the Great depression and World War II, the city was adversely affected. The huge demand for food helped Chicago's economy rise again, being an industrial city.
The flow of economy in Chicago changed as competitors emerged in the market. The automobile and steel industry in Chicago dwindled as Japan dominated the market. The stockyards that once famed city's meatpacking industry, closed. The city has shifted to the establishment of international banks as primary financial source. The city has also adapted the service economy. Writing an essay about the economy of a diverse city such as Chicago is challenging as you have to look into several aspects. It is at the same time, rewarding, as you get to discover interesting facts. Chicago is associated to several monikers that are reflective of the city's economy, character and history.
The Second City. This term was coined after The Great Chicago Fire crawled and destroyed the city. It was used to refer to the city's recovery; that the city before was gone but has now become a stronger one. It is also said to describe Chicago being the former second largest city in US.
The Windy City. This name was linked to politics as people say that politicians in the place are changing their minds so frequent, it is likened to winds.
The City That Works. Former Mayor Richard Daley started this nickname owing to the city's hardworking people and long hours.
To conclude, Chicago's economy is no different than the other cities as it is also exposed to challenges. Writing an essay about how cities manage to pull through in the face of economic crisis is sure to impart one important life lesson that is to play your cards wisely.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Agriculture Feeds Us

Agriculture plays a significant role in sustaining a healthy and progressive nation. It has a huge impact in a country's economy, aside from its contribution in eliminating hunger. Agriculture brings in profit. It is also directly related to the development of technology and industries.
Agriculture has long been a part of human civilization. Man has always battled for survival. Our ancestors learned producing their own food so they will no longer need to frequently move from one place to another. They invented tools to make planting easier. They grew crops and fed themselves.
Stable agriculture brings in food security. A nation has to adequately supply food to its citizens in order to be called one. Food is essential in keeping a strong workforce as no hungry man can think and work effectively. Hunger is a worldwide problem most particularly in developing nations. If the nation has enough food, it will prevent people from starving.
Agriculture is also a source of income for many families. Large farmlands need manpower and machineries to operate. Fields owners usually raise livestock which means additional people to employ. Farmers who labor to cultivate the soil, manufacturers, and vendors, all depend on agriculture for living. If writing an essay is your means of living, to these people, agriculture has not only served bread and butter; it is literally their life.
Price of basic commodities in areas where agriculture is stable is relatively low. This is because the nation can meet the food demands of the population and thus, does not have to export goods. Exporting goods from another country costs more. The fund can be used instead on other important aspects that demand government subsidy such as education.
If a country can produce more than enough agricultural products for its citizens, they may also enter the world market as exporters. Export industry can bring in huge profit and can help increase gross domestic product (GDP). GDP indicates how well a country's economy is doing, and faring globally. It is equivalent to the total dollar value of all services and products produced in a given timeframe.
United States which is widely recognized as a powerful country is also one of the leaders in agricultural production. US is practicing the intensive agriculture which combines modern technology with agriculture.
There is less risk in food safety for countries that depend on their own agricultural products. Outbreaks of infectious diseases may happen anytime. In the face of natural disasters, supply and demand multiplies. Sufficient food supply is essential to at least help a country pull through.
Having Mentioned Agriculture’s Importance,
Agricultural programs have to be intensified to maximize the benefits that a nation may yield out of their resources. There are arable soils that are not cultivated. These lands could have helped nourish families and lives. Population continues to increase drastically. Writing an essay can help promote the advantages of a rich agriculture. With more mouths to feed, countries could not care less.
Agriculture's capability to raise a nation cannot be underestimated even if today's technology has already introduced new procedures in growing grains and crops. Countries that have stable agriculture most likely have stable economy as well. Agriculture feeds humans. It is what keeps every nation going.